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Welcome to The Rainbow Squad

Welcome to The Rainbow Squad

Welcome to The Rainbow SquadWelcome to The Rainbow SquadWelcome to The Rainbow Squad

Thank you for all of your donations! We have received some feedback that the Fundly site isn't working correctly for everyone. You can Venmo @deborahvahle and note "Rainbow Squad" to get it to the right person. You can also contact Deborah directly at 615-335-0770. Thank you!

Ty Herndon - "So Small" featuring the rainbow squad

What an amazing experience this was for our squad. Ty was the ultimate professional and treated everyone like they were the stars in the room. 


about us

The Rainbow Squad is a Tween LGBTQ+ group based in East Nashville that meets on a monthly basis. Our meetings serve two purposes: 1. To give the kids a safe, accepting place to hang out and just be themselves. 2. To support the adults and give the parents opportunities to discuss issues that come up as we raise these amazing humans. 


The Rainbow Squad was started out of necessity when we couldn't find an LGBTQ+ group in our area for kids under age 14. The Oasis Center has been an amazing resource to us and helped give insight on the best way to form the group. They basically said: "Ask the kids what they want the group to be." So we did. The kids quickly let us know that they didn't need or want another therapy group or adult-led discussion. They just wanted to hang out and form friendships. That's it. They want what every kid wants. To be accepted as they are, where they are. We just tried to give them the space to do that and they took it from there.  --Deborah Vahle

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How I became a trans Parent

Parenting is tough enough, but when my child told me he is trans, it's a curveball I didn't expect, to say the least. Here's the beginning of our story. 

you matter

you are not alone. you just haven't found your people yet. your people are out there and we love you.

If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself, please call 1-800-273-8255.

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